Four Common Signs That Refrigeration Equipment Is Experiencing a Compressor Malfunction

Compressor problems are common refrigerator malfunctions. These problems can become more severe over time if they are not detected early. That's why it's important to know how to look out for them. With proper troubleshooting and maintenance, you can ensure that your equipment gets the appropriate repairs right away, before small problems turn into bigger ones that could damage not only the unit's compressor but also multiple parts within an entire refrigeration system.

Do You Need To Clean Your Thermador Refrigerator Coils?

Thermador refrigerators, like other Thermador appliances, are designed for functionality and quality. With only a little maintenance, your refrigerator should last for many years. Knowing if and when to clean the refrigerator coils can help keep it at optimal performance for the duration of its service life. Do you need to clean your Thermador refrigerator coils? Yes, you should clean the coils of your refrigerator. This is necessary because your refrigerator works by removing heat from the refrigerator's interior and releasing it into your kitchen.