Do You Need To Clean Your Thermador Refrigerator Coils?

Thermador refrigerators, like other Thermador appliances, are designed for functionality and quality. With only a little maintenance, your refrigerator should last for many years. Knowing if and when to clean the refrigerator coils can help keep it at optimal performance for the duration of its service life.

Do you need to clean your Thermador refrigerator coils?

Yes, you should clean the coils of your refrigerator. This is necessary because your refrigerator works by removing heat from the refrigerator's interior and releasing it into your kitchen. If the coils become dirty and cannot release heat from inside your refrigerator, this forces the refrigerator to work harder than necessary to do its job. The longer and harder that your refrigerator must work to cool your food, the shorter its service life will likely be.

What's the procedure for cleaning the refrigerator coils?

Cleaning the coils is a relatively simple procedure if you have the right tools.

  1. Check the freezer and refrigerator doors to ensure that they're properly closed, then unplug the refrigerator from the wall. Do not open the refrigerator again until power has been restored to the unit.
  2. Pull gently on the toe grille to remove it from the unit. If the toe grille won't come off easily, check for screws holding the toe grille in place and remove the screws with a screwdriver.
  3. Plug in a vacuum and use a hose attachment to suck up the dust from the area of the refrigerator behind the toe grill. If you see sizable dust bunnies beneath the refrigerator, try pulling it out of its place in your kitchen and vacuuming the floor beneath the unit.
  4. Dampen a rag with vinegar and water and gently wipe down the coils.
  5. Dry off the coils with a dry microfiber cloth. Remove all traces of vinegar from the coils. If the dry rag comes back dirty, repeat the process with the vinegar until the coils seem clean.
  6. Replace the toe grille on the unit.
  7. Put the toe grille back on the refrigerator.
  8. Push the refrigerator back into place in the kitchen.
  9. Plug the refrigerator back in.

How often are you supposed to clean your refrigerator coils?

You should clean your refrigerator coils annually or semiannually, depending on how much dust builds up on the underside of the unit.

If your refrigerator is running more often than normal, will this help stop that behavior?

It might. A buildup of dirt and grime underneath the refrigerator can force the refrigerator to work harder than normal. If this doesn't fix the problem, contact an appliance repair person in your area.

For more information about how you can take care of your refrigerator, contact an appliance sales representative at a trusted store in your area.