Appliance Repair: Common Problems With A Dishwasher

If you have noticed problems with your dishwasher, such as leaking water or the dishwasher being excessively loud, you are not alone. These are among the most common issues with this type of appliance. Here are some common problems to be aware of so you can get the repairs you need.

Water is Leaking

A common problem that occurs with a dishwasher is that the water starts to leak. This is often occurs during the wash or rinse cycle, as opposed to just randomly leaking water when the dishwasher isn't running. If you notice a puddle of water on the floor every time you run the dishwasher, it is time to have it looked at. This could be from different problems, such as a failing water inlet valve, worn door seals, or a pump that needs to be replaced.

It Doesn't Turn On

You might also be having issues with running the dishwasher. While it may seem obvious, the first thing you should check if your dishwasher doesn't turn on is the power supply. It is possible that the circuit breaker was accidentally knocked and it simply needs to be reset. If nothing was wrong with the breaker, make sure the appliance is plugged in, and that the power cord to the unit is not worn. Another possible issue with it not turning on is if your door latch doesn't close all the way. Also check to see if there is build-up near the electronic controls, as this could keep the buttons from working properly.

There is a Lot of Noise

If your dishwasher is generally quiet during the cycle, but then every once in a while in a makes a loud or odd noise, it is time to call in a technician> There are many potential problems with dishwashers in relation to the noises they make, from the spray arm seal needing to be replaced to issues with the water pump. You may also have other components that need to be tightened. It is best to consult a professional to figure out the reason for the noises.

The Latch Isn't Working

It is also possible that you are having issues with your dishwasher because the latch is failing. If the latch becomes loose, a component of the latch is worn away, or if there is build-up, the latch might not work properly. This keeps you from being able to close the dishwasher fully, which can lead to even more issues. You can repair it with a latch kit from your local improvement store or call in a repair service, like Lakewood Appliance, to have it looked at.