Questions Concerning Two Common Issues With Commercial Refrigerators

For businesses that sell food and other perishable items, a commercial refrigerator can be the most important piece of equipment in the building. Not surprisingly, this can be one of the most expensive items that you must purchase. Due to the complexity of these machines and the intense demands on them, it is possible for a variety of issues to arise that can cause problems for your business's unit. Without a proper understanding of the issues that commercial refrigerators are most likely to encounter, you may not know how to handle these problems. Learning the answers to the following two questions should help you to ensure that these issues cause as few disruptions and expenses as possible. 

Why Does The Refrigerator Regularly Overheat?

It is extremely common for commercial refrigerators to experience problems with overheating. Unfortunately, this is a problem that can cause extensive damage to your unit if it is not addressed early. Generally, this problem can arise from a couple of different causes. 

Low oil pressure is a common source of this issue, and while you may be shocked to learn that your refrigerator can contain oil, it is essential to properly lubricate the powerful gears and motors that drive these machines. The steps for checking the oil level on these refrigerators can vary based on the make and model, but your owner's manual will provide you with detailed steps for checking this critical fluid. 

In addition to oil issues, a failing condenser can also lead to this problem. When these units start to fail, they may have to constantly cycle on and off, which will generate substantial heat and wear on the unit. Sadly, you are unlikely to have the skills needed to repair a failing condenser, and it is often best to save this task for a professional. 

How Can You Confirm The Presence Of A Coolant Leak?

Without coolant, your refrigerator would be unable to adequately cool itself. Sadly, this fluid can leak out of the pipes and hoses that transport it, which will dramatically reduce your refrigerator's performance.

The most effective way of determining the presence of a leak is to add a special dye to the coolant before pressurizing the entire system. This will make it possible to easily see whether a leak is present by looking for this dye on the exterior of the hoses.  

When your commercial refrigerator encounters problems, it can bring your entire enterprise to a sudden stop. By understanding these answers to questions about common problems these units may encounter, you should be better prepared to protect your business from the loss of business these issues may cause. You also may understand when it is time to look for new commercial refrigerators for sale.