2 Surprising Options For Home Protection For Deaf And Hearing Impaired People

If you have a hearing loss or are deaf, your home security is more important than it might be for a hearing person. Given that current statistics indicate that someone with a disability is 6% more likely to be a victim of a violent crime than someone without a disability, it is crucial to know that you are safe at home. Fortunately, there are easy additions to a home security system that can effectively protect you, your family and your belongings.  

Add To The Standard Audio Alarm With Bright Lights

The standard audio burglar alarms make a loud, piercing sound when a home invasion has been noted by the system. If you live alone and are hard of hearing or deaf, that sound may seem pointless. As tempting as it may be, do not remove or reduce the sound level of the audio alarm.

The reason for doing so is simple. Specifically, your neighbors are likely to hear that overwhelming sound. Whether or not you are home, neighbors who can call 911 on your behalf or watch for someone running from the home are an important and often overlooked benefit. Few neighbors would be able to go back to sleep when that sound is going off and in this instance, you will want everyone watching and listening for a dangerous break-in.

Strobe, bright or other obvious lights will wake you up and alert you to the problem, while the sounds going off do the same for your neighbors. 

Keep Multiple Remote Options For Calling For Help

It is obvious that if you suspect you have an intruder in your home, you may not have time to get to your TDD unit and ask for help. When seconds count, you will need a button you can push quickly and without giving away your location. One option to protect yourself would be having a button in each room of your home that can notify the security company of a problem.

Another popular choice is to wear it around the neck or to keep it in a drawer by your bed. You may feel safer by wearing it constantly. With this option, you will not be asked to speak. The system will place an emergency call to the company sponsoring your burglar alarm and they will get help on the way, without any effort from you after pressing a button.

In conclusion, a hearing loss can make it more likely that you could be a victim of a crime. Fortunately, you can improve those odds by pro-actively choosing an effective company to provide your security.